We have been working in Delivery Industry for 8 years

Akezza Trade Ay is a technology company started in 2018 by four people including Janvier Ukwizagira, Honore Niyimpa, Jean De Dieu Niyigaba and Alain Christian Nsengiyumva. In 2019 the company remained with only two owners Janvier Ukwizagira and Honore Niyimpa. When Akezza Trade started, the main line of business was to sell the coffee imported from Africa inside Finland. However, during covid-19 the company did not manage to make any profit and this pushed the new owners to change the company's line of business. In the beginning of 2021 The company started developing a mobile application under the project called sPoneja (Suomen Poneja : Ponies of Finland). This application, sPoneja, was designed to make instant deliveries. The idea of developing instant  delivery mobile application came from the fact that the company owners have been in Finnish delivery industry for 8 years where they held various positions with their master's degrees in Techno-mathematics in accordance with Computational Engineering.

Now that delivery services have become a commodity, Akezza Trade intends to make it more affordable and profitable for both Vendors and Delivery partners. We commit to providing high quality delivery services.

''Because Food Taste better when it is served on Time.''

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sPoneja makes online food, grocery, parcel delivery and pharmacy shopping fast and easy. Get groceries delivered and order your favourite foods from the best vendors.  Akezza Trade brought to you sPoneja, a complete delivery chain, which has the sole purpose to cut the costs customers pay in order to get their orders delivered. If you are a private individual, simply know that choosing sPoneja as your delivery services provider, you save more and get high quality services. We are dedicated to serve you at your satisfaction.

For Apple devices you can get sPoneja from Apple Devices

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